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Michael A.,

Dr. Loisel’s office is both professional and warming. His front desk staff are very professional and seem very happy to work which in my opinion is always a good sign. Then you meet Dr. Loisel who makes you feel like he is excited to do work on you. You can really tell that he is in the line of work he wants to be. The office is really up to date with I pads, a Cooler if you want something to drink, a massage chair, plenty of magazines, a coffee maker.. The staff uses earpieces to communicate when you arrive were you are and pretty much everything else. It feels like the moment you walk in the door your the number one concern. Its really amazing in today’s day and age to receive such good service from an entire staff. The systems are obviously very up to date and they figure out exactly what you will need to pay in a private very nice room.

Shannon M.,

I always loved this office, they really came through for me in a time of need. I’ll never go anywhere else.

Tami H.,

This is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. I just had a root canal done and the only pain I felt was the first three shots I was given. Dr. Loisel is a wonderful caring dentist. Very patient, knowledgeable and skilled. The staff as a whole gets 5 stars from me as well. They are very polite and non judgmental. They make you feel very comfortable and at ease with whatever it is you need to have done. My children get seen by this dental office as well. They feel very comfortable when they get their work done. I am a non insurance patient and I feel that their pricing is fair. I have been to many dentists who just want your money and don’t really care about you. This establishment is not like those other dental offices. You will love this dentist!


As always, I was greeted when I entered. I was seated in the hygienists station expeditiously and treated with respect. The service was handled efficiently and was explained to me. Questions I had were answered. I have always found excellent treatment at Tracy Hills Dental.

Catherine A.,

What a fantastic office and staff! Everytime I have an appointment, I am greeted, by name! I always show up early to have a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the waiting room. Then, I am always seen on time, and have every procedure explained to me thouroghly. The staff is just as amazing as the office! They are all patient and take the necessary time with you to make you comfortable. Dr. Loisel is one of the most skillful dentist I have ever been too! Thank you Dr. Loisel for giving me the best dental experience every time I have an appointment!!!

CJ G.,

The office staff is very welcoming and warm. The dentists try very hard not to hurt their patients. They’re calm and understanding and not impatient. They will thoroughly go through the results of your exams.

Grace U.,

Absolute best dental office ever! Didn’t think I’d ever find one after my childhood dentist retired. It took a few years to find you all but very much worth the wait. Thank you.

Al D.,

Honesty, integrity, caring for his patients and his staff, our entire family goes to Dr Loisel, we highly recommend him.



The office staff are so friendly and receptive!! They acknowledge you when you come in and greet you with a smile. Karen, my hygienist is beyond amazing. She is so detailed and tuned into me and my health. You all get five stars. Thank you for your care❤️


I always know I am going to get the best care while I’m there. When Ami is cleaning my teeth I know she examines every detail and sees to it that I am examined by the dentist should she find something suspicious. I have never had a complaint.

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