Bad Breath is Stinky

Bad breath can happen for several reasons and any of those reasons can lead to being ostracized from social circles. Why? Because nobody likes talking with people who have bad breath. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a person who has horrible smelling breath, then you know how difficult it is to continue the conversation when you’re constantly breathing in their bad breath. Now, imagine being the person with bad breath. How embarrassing is that?

Halitosis is the term dentists use to describe bad breath. People can have bad breath because of something they ate or drank or even from smoking, and it usually goes away after rinsing with a good mouth rinse or brushing your teeth. However, chronic bad breath is typically caused by poor oral hygiene, which means that a person who doesn’t brush their teeth on a regular basis or who has an untreated oral condition will have bad breath regardless of how much mouth wash they use.

At Tracy Hills Dental Care in Tracy, we understand the causes of bad breath and we want to help you find a solution that will alleviate your bad breath. Our teeth cleaning and oral testing can help us identify what is causing your bad breath, so we can treat it accurately and quickly. If you have bad breath and are looking or a solution, call Tracy Hills Dental Care in Tracy at (209) 830-7032 to schedule an appointment today.

The most common way that bad breath develops is through the food we eat and the liquids we drink. For instance, onions, garlic, cheese, pastrami, kimchi, soda, and beer can all cause bad breath. Once any of these items is consumed, the oils that are in these items is absorbed into the bloodstream and filters into the lungs, which causes the funky smell from those foods to carry on through every breath until the item has completely left your body. Other causes of bad breath include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Smoking
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Oral Disease
  • Lung Infections
  • Kidney Disease

Preventing bad breath is not as difficult as it sounds. At the same time, it’s not as easy because it will require some effort. For instance, brushing your teeth twice a day is an absolute must. Be sure to brush the whole mouth, including the gumline, front and back of teeth, and the tongue. Flossing will also help remove any food stuck between the teeth. When food is stuck between the teeth, it can rot and bad breath can begin to manifest. Fruits are a great way to cure bad breath because of the acids, vitamins, and nutrients they have inside of them.  Remember, after eating anything, it is a good practice to rinse your mouth with water before moving on with your day.

Bad breath doesn’t have to be the end to your social engagement, and it’s not something that will remain forever if certain steps are taken to improve your oral health. If you have bad breath and are looking or a solution, call Tracy Hills Dental Care in Tracy at (209) 830-7032 to schedule an appointment today.

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